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Given the chance to interview my past mentor and a good friend, I had to pick her brain about what is going on in her life and her opinions about the world around us. She’s climb through the trenches of building her own business, met the most influential creatives of our generation and more. Now Ashley sets her ground as she rules that Instagram game and the fashion industry in her own way and speed.


Pikka Turangan (PT): Give us a short introduction of yourself.
Ashley Alanis (AA): Water me so I can grow. I crave adventure, seek thrills, stay busy, and keep a positive attitude.



(PT): Tell us a brief run through of a day in the life of Ashley?
(AA): If it has to happen, then it has to happen first. Mornings are so important to my creativity, productivity, and sanity at that! I aim to be up before dawn to comfortably prepare myself for long days ahead. Starting off with meditation, I progress to spiritual food, then taking a few minutes to jot down any thoughts I might have – truly spending quality time with myself.

I move on to workout, prepare breakfast and lunch, and get dressed for the day while listening to broadcasts on various topics. Every day is different whether I’m at my desk keeping up with a flooded inbox, writing up a storm, sending out project pitches to a creative staff, surfing through the world wide web for concept inspo, or on location creating content.

Evenings are full of moving and shaking, there’s always something going on in LA; from covering the latest collection previews, to experiencing new artists from LA’s hot bed of talent, or simply celebrating life with beautiful humans. Every day is refreshingly familiar chalk full of different opportunities.


(PT): You have an incredible resume and rep from the fashion industry what has been your most prized achievement so far?
(AA): *Blushing* Thanks, while the best is yet to come my most prized achievement to date would be the moment I understood Oprah Winfrey’s definition of luck, ‘when preparation meets the moment of opportunity.’

A mentor of mine had shared this concept with me and I was able to put it to practice when I found myself at a premiere with Jeremy Scott and struck up an impromptu interview with him. Beyond the interview opt with one of the most recognized designers of our time it was a moment I had unknowingly prepared myself for over the years and a moment I seized. It provided a lot of self-validation which is important to me.


(PT): Coming from a small town of Fresno, were there any doubts from your close friends or even your family about the path you’ve chosen? If so, how did you overcome that fear?
(AA): No doubts that I knew of, for the most part I imagine everyone assumed I’d move right back after college.


(PT): Why fashion? Out of all the options in the world, why choose the hardest and yet most critiqued industry?
(AA): It’s always funny to me to hear that fashion is a ‘cut throat industry.’ I’m a firm believer that it’s the type of industry where if you bring it, it’ll embrace you. I mindlessly did what I loved and it resulted in me loving what I do as a profession.



(PT): Let’s talk about your experience in Annex Magazine, building your own empire must been a thrill ride and more! Can you tell us your 3 peaks and your 3 downfalls from Annex?
(AA): Awh, an empire! So sweet! It sounds cliché but I’m all about a positive attitude so even what would be considered the most downward downfalls weren’t falls at all. 3 peaks; having a creative outlet, entertaining guests at our fashion soiree’s, and having the opt. to grow while watering other creatives around you to grow with you.


(PT): Moving on to your current work, Poshsquare. How did that opportunity come to you?
(AA): Luck, ‘preparation meeting the moment of opportunity.’ 😉


(PT): Do you think e-commerce is the future of fashion? Tell us your reasons.
(AA): Future of fashion, no. Fashion to me is far beyond a business. Will e-commerce play a vital role in the future of consumerism in a fashion context, definitely. Just last week I came across 3 emerging platforms that are setting out to change the way we shop fusing social media with purchasing power. More and more people are hip to online shopping for sure.


(PT): You’ve made some incredible connections and successful friends in the city where dreams are made of, how do you keep yourself grounded from all the high-profile lifestyle?
(AA): I’m more concerned with what people are living for than what they do for a living.


(PT): Where do you see yourself as a creative in 3 years?
(AA): Hopefully having to travel a lot more to ‘create’!



(PT): Are there any side projects that you’re working on?
(AA): Always. While my ‘main course’ projects take up oodles of my hours and bring me much joy, ‘side’ projects are always fun. I’m doing a small private label order, contributing to a few publications, working on a book with a photographer, and a few other things. Forever busy.


(PT): What are your three most watched programs on your Netflix?
(AA): Ah Netflix! Just one more show then I’ll go to bed…. probably The Carrie Diaries, Planet Earth, and FRIENDS.


(PT): If you were part of the Powderpuff girls, who would you be and who would be your two partners in crime?
(AA): LOLZ! I’d be Blossom, my boyfriend L would be buttercup, and my best friend Candice would be bubbles.



(PT): Last but not least, we’ve noticed on your palm your galaxy tattoo and we must say it’s so perfect! What and where would be your next tattoo?
(AA): Weeee, thanks again! I want more on my palm, just don’t know what yet.


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