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From the streets of Hollywood comes a new young underground RnB artist, Ashe Music. From his authentic and original lyrics comes music that shows off his personal side and real-life experiences. Now he tells us what’s to come and what he has to show to you now.

Pikka Turangan (PT): Tell us about your latest EP Fingerprints and what should our readers expect from it?



Ashe: My new project fingerprints is a blend of styles from funk to Rnb with a lot of live instruments and heavy drums. Also, these are some of the more honest lyrics I have ever written. The reason I called it fingerprints is because I feel that each song represents an experience or a “fingerprint” from my life because any where we go we leave fingerprints so this is just a collection of a few fingerprints from my life.

(PT): I got to say, the production and lyrics to all those songs are on point how long have you been working on this?

Ashe: I appreciate the fact you noticed that. I worked on this project for about 3 months last summer/fall with a production partner of mine who helped me sculpt the sound and feel for this project.




(PT): Living in the heart of LA, how has this helped or not helped you through your experience in music?

Ashe: I would say living in LA has definitely helped me meet great people to make music with and learn from and it has also helped me craft a lot of the stories off of fingerprints. It gave me the experiences to write about. I will say, it is easy to get caught up in the fake side of the industry out here but that also helped me to see what I don’t need to surround myself with.




(PT): Where’s that one place you want to hear your music and then you can say you’ve made it?

Ashe: Hmm this one is tough haha, I guess once I hear it being played out of a random car somewhere in rural China or India then I will know I have made it haha. Also, at the Boston garden and Staples Center.

(PT): What’s the next big thing for Ashemusic?

Ashe: Next big thing is getting on the road and playing shows. Also, releasing new music videos for the songs off of fingerprints. I’m in the middle on working on a collaboration project with another artist and close friend of mine from outside of Boston named Jay bird. The project is going to be a short EP named “Snow in the Desert”, produced by a young producer out of Hawaii named Branden Gasilos.




(PT): Besides the usual music inspirations, who or what else inspires you?

Ashe: Recently I’ve been staying up crazy late until about 5 or 6 in the morning and for whatever reason that has been giving me inspiration. Late night conversations and long drives. It’s been coming from everywhere recently. Also, reading some old lyrics from when I was 14 and 15 has given me more inspiration.

(PT): Lastly, what are 5 things you want people to know about you?

Ashe: 5 things people should know about me:
1. A lot of my music is inspired by random late night conversations.
2. I tend to lose contact with people because I get so caught up in my music.
3. BBQ ribs are my favorite food.
4. I listen to reggae music daily.
5. There will be lots of my new music coming to an earbud near you.


Pikka Turangan

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